Admission is $10.00/person each day and must be paid in cash. Each paid admission guest receives the following:

  • (1) $10.00 Casino free play voucher (only for guests ages 18 & up)
  • Children 12 & Under are admitted FREE.

Autograph Tickets & Inscriptions

  • Ticket prices, signing times, and signing dates are subject to change.
  • All autograph tickets are numbered. Patrons who purchase autograph tickets will be called to the autograph staging area based upon the number listed on their ticket. VIP Ticket holders will be called first and have priority regardless of the number printed on their ticket.
  • Tickets for autograph guests can be purchased in advance by clicking on the "Advanced Ticket Sales" tab on the website.
  • Tickets for all autograph guests will also be available for purchase at the show. Autograph tickets DO NOT sell out unless a limit has been expressly communicated.
  • An inscription is not an autograph. Inscriptions are anything written in addition to an autograph guest’s signature.
Examples of inscriptions include:

• A career statistic such as “HOF 99,” “3x SB Champs,” or “3,184 Hits.”
• A personalization such as “To Jim, Best Wishes”

  • Each individual inscription requires the purchase of an inscription ticket.
  • Inscription tickets CAN NOT be purchased alone. An inscription ticket may only be purchased if you have also purchased an autograph ticket for the item you are having signed.
  • It is the discretion of the autograph guest and/or their representation to limit the number of inscriptions that can be added to an item. Autograph guests and/or their representation have the right to limit the number of words included in a single inscription.
  • Autograph guests will not add an inscription to any previously signed item. Inscriptions are only permitted to be added to items signed at the show.

Advanced Autograph Ticket Sales

  • Athlete autograph tickets can be purchased in advance through our online option. Please click on the "Advanced Ticket Sales" tab on the website.
  • Advanced tickets are intended only for patrons attending our show.
  • Advanced tickets are NOT used for mail order. Please see the mail order section below for instructions on how to have your items signed if you are unable to attend the show.
  • Advanced ticket sales end at 5pm the Wednesday before the show starts.
  • Advanced tickets will be available for pickup at the Will Call area located at the front of the show. WE DO NOT MAIL AUTOGRAPH TICKETS PURCHASED IN ADVANCE OF THE SHOW.
  • All athlete autograph tickets will also be available for purchase at the show. We DO NOT sell out of autograph tickets unless a ticket limit has been expressly communicated.

Mail Order

  • Can’t attend the show? You can send in your own items to be signed. Mail order pricing, authentication fees, shipping costs, and the Mail Order Submission Form can all be found under the “Mail Order” tab on the website.
  • Please DO NOT buy advance tickets for mail order items.

Posed Photo Opportunity (Using your personal device - phone/camera)

  • A "Posed Photo Opportunity" requires the purchase of a separate Posed Photo Opportunity ticket.
  • A "Posed Photo Opportunity" is done using your personal device at a designated photo staging area. The staging area will be staffed by Legends & Stars personnel who will facilitate and assist you with your "Posed Photo."
  • PLEASE NOTE: An autograph is NOT included with the purchase of the "Posed Photo Opportunity" ticket.
  • The "Posed Photo Opportunity" takes place immediately following the conclusion of the scheduled public signing time for the autograph guest.
  • Up to 5 people MAXIMUM can be in the photo.

Refund Policy

  • Refunds will not be given for admission under any circumstances.
  • Refunds for autograph tickets purchased either in advance or at the show will not be given UNLESS the autograph guest cancels their appearance. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE REFUND POLICY WILL BE MADE.


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